Andrea Marie Sanders is a mindfulness meditation teacher and artist. Her work focuses on attentive and thoughtful living that encourages deeper relationships with ourselves and the biosphere.

Her art is an exploration of the softness and wisdom in the subtle shapes and colors of the natural world. She finds her work is often influenced by micro investigations of the biosphere along with the practices of deep attentiveness and experimentation. Exploring the interconnectivity, simplicity and complexity of life is the centerpiece of her work.

For the past twenty-five years, Andrea spent her time as an environmental educator. During this time she fostered practical and effective activism by looking closer at our waste stream, consumerism, and the relationships between people and nature. Andrea has shared her message in numerous events over the years from universities, colleges, conferences, business and corporate groups, panels, podcasts, magazines, and at TEDx Aruba.

Andrea spends time in Boulder, Colorado and Seattle, Washington with her husband Zack and two rescue dogs, Cosmo and Sam.

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