We need space

We need space internally and externally

Space allows


We live in an age where we are in an almost constant state of distraction. From endless scrolling on social media, news sites, advertising, and the ability to watch a whole season of T.V. shows in one sitting. We have developed habits that keep our attention occupied 24/7. Modern day humans are more connected than they have been ever in human history and yet our attention spans are under 20 seconds. We need space. We need pause. We need to develop new habits that include attention, deep listening and compassion.

Mindfulness, to put it simply, is our undivided attention. It’s paying attention in such a way where we feel the moment we are in with all of our awareness and presence. We practice this with non-judgement and with curiosity.

A few benefits of mindfulness:

  • generating a greater respect and politeness for everything around us

  • listening and noticing

  • calm

  • being able to be in the moment - good or bad

  • focus more on what’s important in our live

These Pause Practices are short “pauses” you can take during your day. Listen with attention and an open heart. You can also join me for an ongoing open enrollment in Pause Guide an online and mindfulness practice class. Learn about it here.

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