Peaceful practices for everyday

Pause is an audio-based mindfulness guide for quieting our minds, strengthening our attention and for bringing us closer to nature by exploring the beautiful mundane moments of life.

Mindfulness is an important skill and habit to have in our modern world. Mindfulness is human. It’s not another thing to do. It’s another way to be. It can support the reconnecting to the biosphere and ultimately to ourselves and others. Mindfulness brings a sense of calm, understanding, respect, and politeness to our lives. In this guide, I offer practices to encourage more thoughtfulness, compassion and connectivity. Whatever moment you’re in right now is the moment for greater attention.


What’s included in the Pause Guide?

Short Talks: Making Space - introduction to mindfulness and meditation

4 Guided audio practices:

Ground - an observation practice

Wave - a breath practice

Offering - a gratitude practice

Stillness - a relaxation practice

Pause Guide Playlist

The benefits of mindfulness:

  • cultivate compassion

  • cognitive flexibility

  • encourages us to become more aware of social justice and injustices

  • helps to relieve and cope with stress

  • improves sleep

  • conflict improvement

  • lessens anxiety


The beauty of mindfulness is that it starts where you are.

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Online guide includes three mini-talks and four guided mindfulness meditations to listen and practice whenever you want. Each practice guide is also downloadable and includes a transcribed version as well.